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 Festivals and Stones

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Festivals and Stones Empty
PostSubject: Festivals and Stones   Festivals and Stones EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 9:19 pm

Copied from the Pardus Forum... this big chunk of text is written 100% by me. Smile

Festivals and Stones TOKR_banner
Festivals and Stones TOKR__small_banner_Cycle7-3

We will start the Seventh Cycle today, on the Tenth of November, in the 2013th Year after the Second Great War.
But most importantly, we will celebrate the Descension of Kai-Rang and His Matriarchs..

[if you're not interested in roleplay, skip this part!]

I remember fondly how Codex Delphi told me the story of how the Theocracy of Kai-Rang came to be.
Sit down, young pilgrims, and listen as I will pass it on to you.

Thousands of years ago, even before the Great Wars, a religious group that we call the Ancient Theocracy emerged on Rashkan. It thrived for a while, but it was destroyed as the Rashkir race tumbled into the largest civil war in the known history of the universe. All the temples were destroyed, and those who believed slowly lost their faith as the war lasted on and on for centuries.
Allegedly, the only remains were the mysterious Obsidian Tablets, holding all the knowledge of the Ancients, in the last remaining temple of the Ancient Theocracy. But they were lost, and as the wheel of time turned, history became legend, and legend became a myth, and eventually, even that myth was mostly lost in time. Only very few people remained who knew they were still there... somewhere waiting to be found. Millennia passed this way, as the universe evolved.

Codex Delphi, back then a naïve and young nomad coming from the Vreysian Plains on Vega, was intrigued by the obsidian tablets, a story he heard from his grandfather in his childhood.
After reaching his piloting license, he travelled to Rashkan and spent years exploring the planet, finding the missing pieces of the puzzle. It became his sole purpose to find the tablets, almost an obsession.

He traversed the unexplored caves and chasms below the surface of Rashkan. And deep within, he found an ancient temple. As he went inside, there was an old chest with strange symbols... and inside he found the Obsidian Tablets. Runes engraved on obsidian tablets as black as the void of space. He told me that, as he held a tablet in his hands, he felt its power coursing through him. At that moment, he knew there was something more than we could possibly imagine. A force so powerful, so elemental... a fundamental part of the universe.

He told me he could not read the runes, unless he held the Tablets in his hands. All the wisdom we possess came from the Tablets. The first time he read the tablets out loud, he Summoned the Sky Dragon Kai-Rang.
Engulfed in flames of pure energy, Kai-Rang materialised on Rashkan. Followed by the Koo-Kairangi: Wives of Kai-Rang. Dragon Goddesses we call the Matriarchs. Each of them represent the 16 aspects of a Rashkir warrior's soul.

That moment, the Theocracy of Kai-Rang was formed.

And today? Today there were tensions. Not negative tensions, but positive ones. Temples all over the universe were being quiet today. They were aware of what was going on, and joyful rumours emerged.
I, Solarix, the Runic Guardian of Koo-Rir, Matriarch of Wrath, had taken up the position of High Priest of Kai-Rang; leader of the Theocracy, a little over three weeks ago, right after the majority of the Runic Guardians left. I'm currently the only active Guardian remaining.
Meanwhile, I have sent countless messages to the temples, telling them, cryptically, to prepare for more pilgrims and to stock up on gem stones. Of course, this led to questions from the Temples. They obliged, and I did not answer their questions.
But today, I confirmed the rumours:
I would become the new Rune Master of the Theocracy of Kai-Rang.
This could mean just one thing: the return of Festivals and Pilgrimages!

The Stones Will Flow!


Okay, enough of the roleplay background Very Happy
I am Solarix. The new Rune Master of the Theocracy.
I will dedicate myself to guide the Pilgrims on their Pilgrimages, and I will award Stones during the Festivals.
Both the Festivals and Pilgrimages will be reintroduced, now entirely up-to-date under my guard.
This is the thread where I will explain the Festivals. Another thread, dedicated to the Pilgrimages, will go up soon as well.

Everyone can participate in the Festivals, but as you will soon notice: pilots who (temporarily) join the Theocracy, will gain additional Stones during these festivals.
And the rewards, along with the friendly nature of our alliance, makes the joining well worth your time. You might even become a permanent resident of our temple! Wink

Some explanation first:
Each Cycle lasts a total of roughly 30 weeks, and consists of 17 different "Festivals" and the "Ascension" and the "Great Pilgrimage".
The composition and its main festivities may vary or change.
You can acquire Stones during each festival by performing certain actions. Although some actions may be better done in certain Festivals.

There is a "Season of War", where the Theocrats will be more aggressive. Now, don't expect us to actually raze a sector. But hey, we might go have a bit of fun in the NZ, so you better be careful out there.
The Season of War will always be festivals of:
Kaj (fire), Rir (wrath), Adauchi (vengeance), Pakanga (war)
in random order.
Followed by the Festival of Koo-Its (peace), to publicly praise and honor our enemies / victims that we harmed during the Season of War.

There is also a "Season of Light", where the Theocrats will be more peaceful than usual, helping other pilots and alliances out.
This season consists of the festivals of:
Paibisundarat (beauty), Koura (gold), Kangenraga (music), Chahana (love), and Kotinga (harvest) in random order.
The other matriarchs are before the Season of War, or between the Season of War and Season of Light. Season of Light is always the last "set" in a Cycle.

After the Season of Light ended, there is the Ascension.
This is a one week period where Dragon Guards, Obsidian Guards, High Priests, and Runic Templars can challenge the Runic Guardians for their title, and become a Runic Guardian themselves.

After the Ascension, we collectively go on a Great Pilgrimage, passing each planet and starbase on our path together, celebrating with giving out random resources and credits to pilots we pass, as well as killing the Matriarchs in their respective dens.
The Great Pilgrimage lasts for up to 2 weeks.

After the Great Pilgrimage ends, the Cycle ends as well. Then the whole thing starts over again after 2 weeks of resting.

If there are any questions, feel free to PM me. Wink
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Posts : 67
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Festivals and Stones Empty
PostSubject: Re: Festivals and Stones   Festivals and Stones EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 9:19 pm

These below are just the descriptions for each festival, not the actual order in which we celebrate them, as the order of celebrations differs with each Cycle. (order of celebrations can be found above in original post.)

Default celebrations involve hunting for the Festival Matriarch, and to post prayers to that matriarch during their festival.

1: Koo-Vayu ~ Air [Hacking]
This festival is to celebrate Vayu, Matriarch of Air. The usual activities will be hacking our foes and to sensitize random people with the EPS sensitizer.

2: Koo-Chippujana ~ Earth [NPC Ribbons]
Celebrates Chippujana, Matriarch of Earth. The usual activity is to try and earn news entries for monster kill milestones (1, 10, 100, 500, 1000, etc.)

3: Koo-Waimiz ~ Water [Recruitment]
Celebrates Waimiz, Matriarch of Water. The usual activity is to recruit pilots to the alliance.

4: Koo-Kaj ~ Fire [Building Combat]
Part of the Season of War.
Celebrates Kaj, Matriarch of Fire. The usual activity is to attack structures found in the universe. We generally focus on a single enemy that may (or may not) have volunteered to be targetted by us.

5: Koo-Paibisundarat ~ Beauty [Art & Prose]
Part of the Season of Light.
Celebrates Paibisundarat, Matriarch of Beauty. The usual activities are to create visual artwork for the Theocracy or to share stories what it's like to be a Warrior.

6: Koo-Koura ~ Gold [Wealth]
Part of the Season of Light.
Celebrates Koo-Koura, Matriarch of Gold. The usual activities involve sharing credits with pilots all over the universe and donating credits to the alliance funds.

7: Koo-Kotinga ~ Harvest [Resources & Trade]
Part of the Season of Light.
Celebrates Kotinga, Matriarch of Harvests. The usual activity involves trading and harvesting resources in economies.

8: Koo-Kangenraga ~ Music [Music & Poetry/Prose]
Part of the Season of Light.
Celebrates Kangenraga, Matriarch of Music. The usual activities involve singing about our Theocracy in poetry or stories.

9: Koo-Sahas ~ Courage [First Kill]
Celebrates Sahas, Matriarch of Courage. The usual activities involve acquiring a first kill of any decent monster. Teamwork is encouraged and rewarded.

10: Koo-Chahana ~ Love [Popularity]
Part of the Season of Light.
Celebrates Chahana, Matriarch of Love. The usual activity is to gain popularity on planets.

11: Koo-Adauchi ~ Vengeance [Bounty Hunt]
Part of the Season of War.
Celebrates Adauchi, Matriarch of Vengeance. The usual activity is to collect bounties and play a mercenary with public contracts.
The higher the bounty, the higher the reward.

12: Koo-Rir ~ Wrath [PvP Kills]
Part of the Season of War.
Celebrates Rir, Matriarch of Wrath. The usual activity is to kill other pilots. Preferably enemies, but random kills are allowed as well.

13: Koo-Hon ~ Fate [Survival]
Celebrates Hon, Matriarch of Fate. The usual activity is to survive while bountied. Each bountied player of the Theocracy gains stones for each day they survive. They may request a private bounty.
You may also try to survive against the odds in a self-designed challenge for yourself, if you have permission from the Rune Master.

14: Koo-Its ~ Peace [Rank/Competency and Peace.]
Celebrates Its, Matriarch of Peace. The usual activity are public statements of praise and honor for the enemy and those killed in the previous festivals. Token peace is offered to the enemy at this time.
Marks the end of the Season of War.

15: Koo-Kengen ~ Power [Combat Rounds]
Celebrates Kengen, Matriarch of Power. The usual activity is to engage in as many rounds of combat of any type.

16: Koo-Pakanga ~ War [Conflict]
Part of the Season of War.
Celebrates Pakanga, Matriarch of War. The usual activity is to hunt for enemies.
During the entire Season of War, the Runic Guardian of Koo-Pakanga becomes the leader of the Red Dragon Fleet, and designates targets for the Hunt of the Fallen.

17: Kai-Rang ~ Sky-God [Theocracy]
These are the first two weeks of the Cycle, a period of preparation and "signing up", as well as getting more awareness for the Cycle to get more people into it. Mention the Cycle on the forums, chats, keep our thread bumped, go crazy and have fun doing it.
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Posts : 67
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Age : 29
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Festivals and Stones Empty
PostSubject: Re: Festivals and Stones   Festivals and Stones EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 9:20 pm

Stone Awards.

  • Alliance Thread Prayer [2-16 Stones]
    A posting in the Pardus Alliance Thread that includes a reference to the current Matriarch. It can be brief or elaborate. It can not be combined with another post. The post must include at least 5 words.
    More Stones if during the Season of Light.

  • Alliance Thread Festival Post [4-16 Stones]
    A posting in the Pardus Alliance Thread that is part of a Festival task or references the current festival. It should not be brief, but doesn't need to be elaborate. At least 3 sentences are required.
    More Stones if during the Season of Light.

  • Alliance Thread General Post [1-2 Stones]
    A posting in the Pardus Alliance Thread that is neither a prayer or festival post. This includes recruitment, congratulations, stories, etc.
    Note: If your post in the Pardus Alliance Thread results in a forum ban you will lose all credit for posts for that Festival. Be respectful and mature.

  • Matriarch Kill [8-16 Stones]
    Killing the Festival's Matriarch in her respective den. Double the points if you are a Theocracy member.

  • First/Tenth Kill (NPC) [2-16 Stones]
    First or Tenth kill of a space monster. More points the tougher the monster. Doubled when during the Sahas Festival.

  • Bronze Ribbon (PvM) [10-20 Stones]
    Awarded for earning a bronze ribbon for killing creatures. Doubled when during the Chippujana Festival.

  • Silver Ribbon (PvM) [50-100 Stones]
    Awarded for earning a silver ribbon for killing creatures. Doubled when during the Chippujana Festival.

  • Gold Ribbon (PvM) [100-200 Stones]
    Awarded for earning a gold ribbon for killing creatures. Doubled when during the Chippujana Festival.

  • 20 Rounds [1-4 Stones]
    1 Stone is awarded for every 20 rounds you fight in any form of combat. This goes up to 4 Stones during the Kengen Festival.

  • Kill (PvP) [4-64 Stones]
    Killing a pilot during a festival. More Stones awarded during the Season of War. Even more Stones when during the Rir Festival. Stacks with the First Kill, Enemy Kill, and Arena Kill bonus. Only applies for kills in the Neutral Zone. Tougher enemies means more stones.

  • First Kill Bonus (PvP) [8-64 Stones]
    First Kill of a pilot during the Season of War. The tougher the pilot, the more stones are awarded. Make it count.

  • Enemy Kill Bonus (PvP) [12 Stones]
    Killing a pilot that is on the Theocracy List of Heretics.

  • Arena Kill Bonus (PvP) [8 Stones]
    Killing a pilot in the dedicated NZ Arenas.

  • Bounty Kill (PvP) [10-100 Stones]
    The better the bounty you collect, the more stones. 1 stone for every 25,000 credits worth of bounty. Both faction and private bounty counts. During the Adauchi Festival, the amount of stones are multiplied by the amount of bounties you have already collected in that Festival.
    Minimum value of an eligible bounty collection is 250,000 credits.

  • Bounty Carry [1-15 Stones]
    1 Stone for every 250,000 credits worth of faction or private bounty on your head, per day!
    More stones awarded during the Hon Festival.
    Multiple kill bounties will not earn extra stones.

  • Ship Loss [2 Stones]
    Dying during the Cycle will still award stones.
    If you die without an Escape Pod, you will lose all Stones you gained during the present festival.

  • Demolition (PvB) [8-24 Stones]
    Destroying a building. More Stones during the Kaj Festival.

  • Module Destructions (PvB) [1-32 Stones]
    Destroying building defenses. Tougher modules award more Stones. Killing a docked defender will count as a PvP kill with the appropiate bonuses.

  • Rank/Competency Gain [5 Stones/Rank]
    Awarded for gaining rank (faction pilots only) or competency (neutral pilots only). Double the Stones awarded during the Its Festival.

  • Temple Trader [8 Stones]
    Awarded during the Kotinga and Chahana Festivals to pilots in the Theocracy flying a ship with a coin rating of 4 or higher.

  • Temple Stocker [6-18 Stones/day]
    Awarded for supplying Theocracy economies. More Stones during the Kotinga and Chahana Festivals.

  • Popularity Bonus [20 Stones]
    When having more than 100,000 popularity on any Class D/G/R/I planet during the Chahana Festival, you gain 20 Stones.

  • Hack [1-4 Stones]
    Awarded for hacking specific targets.
    Is only awarded once per day, per pilot. Double the amount of Stones during the Vayu Festival.
    Trade Log: 1 Stone.
    Skilled: 2 Stones.
    Freak: 3 Stones.
    Guru: 4 Stones.
    Echo Bonus: +2 Stones.

  • Recruitment [8-32 Stones]
    Awarded for both the recruiter, as well as the pilot joining the Theocracy of Kai-Rang. More Stones during the Waimiz Festival.

  • Donation [1-4 Stones]
    1 Stone for every 25,000 credits in donation to the Alliance Fund. This goes up to 4 Stones during the Koura Festival.

  • 13 Million [7-14 Stones]
    Awarded for pilots who have at least 13 million in their personal funds during any Festival. More Stones during the Koura Festival.

  • GNN Entry [1 Stone]
    Any GNN Entry during the Cycle will award 1 Stone.

  • EPS Membership [7-14 Stones]
    Awarded during the Season of Light for all EPS Members that are part of the Theocracy of Kai-Rang.

  • Festival Task [4-8 Stones]
    Completing one or more festival-specific tasks (as explained in the previous post)

  • Unassigned Tasks [Varied]
    PM the Rune Master if you think you deserve Stones for completing any special task which is not covered in this list.

  • Theocracy Titles [Varied]
    When gaining a prestigious title in the Theocracy of Kai-Rang during a Cycle, you get Stones.
    This is too extensive to list here. Rewards are definately worth it.

  • Stack Bonus [8-200 Stones.]
    In order to promote teamwork, even during a reasonably competitive environment such as these Festivals, there is a stack bonus: For every additional pilot, there is a stack bonus, worth 2*pilot*pilot.
    Example: 5 pilots stack together and kill an enemy worth 32 Stones. Each pilot gets that 32 Stones.
    But in addition, there is a 2*5*5 = 50 Stone stack bonus. Now the Stack Bonus works somewhat differently which is then divided by the killer among the pilots. He can keep it all to himself, or share equally, or share it based on who did the most damage. That's up to the one who made the final shot.
    2 pilots: 2*2*2 = 8 Stones. (avg 4 stones/pilot)
    3 pilots: 2*3*3 = 18 Stones. (avg 6 stones/pilot)
    4 pilots: 2*4*4 = 32 Stones. (avg 8 stones/pilot)
    5 pilots: 2*5*5 = 50 Stones. (avg 10 stones/pilot)
    6 pilots: 2*6*6 = 72 Stones. (avg 12 stones/pilot)
    This bonus only goes up to 200 Stones (= 10 pilots in a stack)
    The Stack Bonus applies to most PvP and PvB awards.
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Festivals and Stones Empty
PostSubject: Re: Festivals and Stones   Festivals and Stones Empty

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Festivals and Stones
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