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 New Syndicate ?

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PostSubject: New Syndicate ?   Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:58 pm

"I read the first post, and I must say that it appears that a lot of work went into this and I think it is a most amazing idea. Why this has not become a permanent fixture IN-GAME is beyond me."

After reading the above post from Chiamattt in the Space Tavern Thread I was wondering how people might feel about suggesting the Theocracy of Kai-Rang is made into a new, neutral syndicate ?
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PostSubject: Re: New Syndicate ?   Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:45 pm

The kind of thing I have in mind is

The Theocracy of Kai-Rang (TKR)

The Theocracy of Kai-Rang provides a collective for "neutral pilots" seeking enlightenment in the Ways of Kai-Rang, The Sky-God Dragon, who, they believe, created the Universe.

Join Requirements and Application Procedure

The requirements for being eligible to join are as follows:
•500,000 APs played
•If alliance member, alliance stance can be "disclosed" or "veiled" [MECH:Creating/Joining an Alliance]
•Not piloting a TSS or EPS ship [TWOP:Syndicate Ships]
•Not carrying a Theocratic Bounty
If these requirements are met, a player may apply to join the TKR at any of the Kai-Rang Temples situated on the Planets / Star Bases at Wolf, Ceanze, Nex Kataam, Lahola I, Edethex, Fawaol and Propus, after pressing the TKR Syndicate link. The applicant must then complete a Pilgrimage of Kai-Rang, killing (or rather 'temporarily freeing from their mortal form') 16 Space Dragon Queens (or Matriarchs) at the following locations within the space of 14 days:

Koo-Vayu, Matriarch of Air. Lalande, Federation Human Core
Koo-Chippujana, Matriarch of Earth. Wolf, Empire Keldon Core [Temple]
Koo-Waimiz, Matriarch of Water. Zeolen, Empire Skaari Core
Koo-Kaj, Matriarch of Fire. Olcanze, North Pardus Rim
Koo-Paibisundarat, Matriarch of Beauty. Essaa, Federation Rashkir Core
Koo-Koura, Matriarch of Gold. Ceanze, Federation South Human [Temple]
Koo-Kotinga, Matriarch of Harvest. Nex Kataam, West Pardus Rim [Temple]
Koo-Kangenraga, Matriarch of Music. Veedfa, Split
Koo-Sahas, Matriarch of Courage. Lavebe, Union North Rashkir
Koo-Chahana, Matriarch of Love. Waolex, Lane
Koo-Adauchi, Matriarch of Vengeance. Lahola, South Pardus Rim [Temple]
Koo-Rir, Matriarch of Wrath. Edethex, Union Rashkir Core [Temple]
Koo-Hon, Matriarch of Fate. Fawaol, Empire West Skaari [Temple]
Koo-Its, Matriarch of Peace. Propus, Gap [Temple]
Koo-Kengen, Matriarch of Power. Olaeth, Union Keldon Core
Koo-Pakanga, Matriarch of War. Alfirk, East Pardus Rim

Those successfully completing the pilgrimage are granted membership of TKR and termed Disciples.

Membership Requirements and Retirement

The requirements for being and remaining a TKR member are as follows:

•Killing at least 210XP worth of organic space monsters per week, or supplying a Temple Planet / Space Station with at least 700 tons of upkeep resources (energy / food or water) per week as offerings to Kai-Rang
Weekly, these requirements are checked. Should they not be met, the player is kicked from the TKR. When kicked from the TKR, half of one's competency level is lost (e.g. 12 and 80% ? 6 and 40%).  Voluntary retirement from the TKR is possible in the same Temple as the application, and has the same consequences.

Membership Features

•Access to neutral bulletin board missions which were commissioned by TKR sympathizers (increases the amount of available neutral bulletin board missions by 67%) [MECH:Missions]
•Divine Protection: The Theocracy automatically places bounties on all non-TKR pilots who attack the ships or buildings of (or credit hack) Disciples.  (These bounties are handled in the same way as Faction Bounties).
•Payout boost on all Theocratic bounties collected by 50% [MECH:Bounties]
•TKR-only ships, available at planets / star bases having Temples, requiring certain competency levels. TKR ships allow movement cost in Energy to be reduced by 1 Action Point. This is cumulative with Flux Capacitors / Navigation Skills . [TWOP:Syndicate Bonuses] [TWOP:Syndicate Ships].
•TKR -only equipment, available on neutral planets and starbases and only installable on TKR ships
•The TKR is considered to have dual dominance in all sectors inhabited by the Matriarchs listed above, with TKR Disciples enjoying all the usual benefits regards safe retreat points.
•Transparent membership (i.e. everyone can identify TKR members, when visiting their buildings or in the Other Ships window, as well as by browsing the TKR member list displayed in every Temple's TKR Syndicate section)

Comments ?
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PostSubject: Re: New Syndicate ?   Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:10 pm

I'm a bit... divided on this.
Hell yeah I want this so much. I envision it somewhat differently, but, if it was a permanent fixture of the game would make me and all of the old Theocrats unbelievably proud.

But, personal bias aside... It's kind of a slippery slope. and it's my biggest fear then IF it gets implemented at all, the Theocracy will lose some of its charm and soul.
Although I admit that the Theocracy has a much bigger and deeper lore than anything else players have made... the risk for the devs of doing this for ToKR would mean you will also start seeing other playermade religions popping up that hope for the same treatment. And if that does not happen, we'll get the usual "dev favoritism" argument. And you'll get people talking about how they want those ingame benefits without actually being known as a Theocratic religious nutjob ( Razz )
And of course the fact that the Theocracy of Kai-Rang is a whole load of high-fantasy thrown in, mixed up in the unique sci-fi universe of Pardus.
It's not for everyone and right now people can just say we're crazy cultists that took too much drugs or something. Once it becomes an actual game mechanic, it becomes "official lore".

And what about Artemis and Pegasus? Theocracy is actually an inherently Orion-only alliance. I think I did see a small group popping up in Artemis a couple years back... but that never became big.

While I will not stop you from making such an FR, do consider the full implications here. While I think it can be a positive thing to have an ingame feature like this, expect it to turn out differently. right now control is in our own hands. Game mechanics are unchangeable.

If you do want to post an FR like this, the join requirements, membership maintenance requirements, and the actual benefits would need a bit of work though.
Maybe look at the Theocracy lore, and base the mechanics and features of such a syndicate on that:

Also make sure that players can go away for more than a week to maintain membership (or remove the penalty for leaving). Right now that's not possible with how you imagine it.
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PostSubject: Re: New Syndicate ?   Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:30 pm

To quickly answer a few of Solarix' points:

- Can't really see any alternative religions popping up if ToKR gets adopted as neutral syndicate. With the current syndicates you have to be ultra good or ultra bad and there is a definite gap there for a neutral syndicate. Once it's filled, it's filled, however, and setting up a new religion afterwards would be pretty futile.

- No ToKR in Artemis or Pegasus now, but if it got adopted as a neutral syndicate I'm sure there would be (and each Universe contains exactly the same sectors of course).

- The suggested benefits and penalites were shaped on existing syndicates - where you get kicked if rep rises too high (TSS) or drops too low (EPS). Rep is checked daily for these, rather than weekly. I guess I could add a suggestion that if Disciples go into 'hermit's retreat' (ie dock at a designated Temple Planet / Space Station) then the offering requirements are suspended.
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PostSubject: Re: New Syndicate ?   Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:18 am

I wouldn't be able to join the syndicate as you would have it. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: New Syndicate ?   Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:39 am

Sir Whoa wrote:
I wouldn't be able to join the syndicate as you would have it. Sad

You would - your ship wouldn't...

It's a regulation for all syndicates - you can't be in more than one at once
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PostSubject: Re: New Syndicate ?   Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:48 pm

Sir Whoa wrote:
I wouldn't be able to join the syndicate as you would have it. Sad

Who's knows? TKR might get more badass ships and get lore specific equipment, give you something to look forward to.
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PostSubject: Re: New Syndicate ?   

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New Syndicate ?
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